About Stephan

My name is Stephan Jaggy. I am a Swiss photographer. I was born 1948 and came into the world with both eyes open. Very quickly I learned to use both my eyes consciously. Photography cast its spell over me very early on, and has  fascinated me ever since. And so the camera has become my third eye.

1977 I won my first prizes in photography competitions and since then I have presented my work in various exhibitions. In 2009 at the international Colour Art Photo Contest “cool kids” at the “Photokina”, the world photography fair, I won the silver medal.

In my professional photo studio in Hochdorf in Switzerland I did all forms of photography: portraiture, fashion, application and fit photos, reportage, still life, babies, family, young style, eroticism. In 2012, I moved my Studio to Prince Albert (Great Karoo, South Africa). Now I am fully focussed on the landscapes photography and of course travel documentation.

Landscapes photography is my great love that I cherishe and care. And what passion can be better combined than travel and photography? So, my main companion on all trips, excursions and walks is always my camera. My photos are traveling – my travels are photos!